We have been very touched by the encouragement and positive comments from our customers. We are proud to share them with you.

Are you going to make other jeans in flex? They are just so great !!!

Maxime A. Feb. 16 2020 

I am already a client of your fantastic jeans store which filled me with happiness in my search for well-cut jeans, comfortable for going to work in VAE. Now I'm looking for a fitted cotton t-shirt.

Florent N. Jan 1 2020 

I am wondering if you still ship to Canada. As a tall skinny guy your jeans are perfect for me and I had bought a pair and had it shipped to Canada do you still do this. Please let me know.

Nick F. Dec. 29 2019 

My companion bought jeans in your concept store and had them made to measure. I would like to give him another one for Christmas using these same measures.

Amber L. Dec. 2 2019 

We received the trousers: it is of very good quality, and the color is great, I am delighted.

Catherine G.P. Nov. 7 2019 

My son loves this brand of trousers.

Darlene A. Nov. 13 2019

Jeans suit perfect. Thank you.

Béa B. March 4 2019 

Hello, I am contacting you from Algers (Algeria). I already bought your brand when you were in collaboration with the size factory store in Marseille Concerning my size for my 2 meters (feet : 6' 7") and 130 kg (286 lb) on the site I ordered 40/38.

Rostan B. Dec 29 2019 

I received the trousers, the size is perfect. Thank you for your advice, 3 more ordered now!

Nordine A. Feb. 28 2019 

Thank you for your super fast response. My husband, who travels a lot, is looking for trousers that are as comfortable as a tracksuit but obviously more classy! Unable to find except by you.

Virginie SR Feb 9 2019 

I had the opportunity to wear the Jean Alex two days, I feel very well. It's nice to have well-cut jeans!

Vincent C. 14 Feb 2019 

Thank you, I am 79 inches and 175 pounds.

Kevin B. Nov. 6 2019 

A big thank you for the upgrade with the Frog marine. The trousers are perfect!

Quentin P. Feb. 13 2019 

I just received the trousers I ordered and I am really really happy with what I received, I am over 2m (feet : 6`9") and the trousers that fit me are very scarce! In any case great job and thank you for everything and you have just won a client !!

Simon M. May 21 2017

I just received my pants today and they are AMAZING. I was absolutely blown away by the pair of jeans that you added gratis in lieu of the anniversary discount. That is exceptional service and I can't thank you enough. Completely unexpected. 

Plus, the jeans are amazing... like velvet. I love them. Wearing them now. :)

I just left a review on Google. I want to do what I can for you to succeed. Please let me know if I can help in any way.

Lee C. 22 Oct. 2019

Your clothes are really of quality and in perfect adequacy with what I am looking for ... long life to CUBJEANS 

Sebastien V. Oct. 2 2017 

Order well received today; as usual flawless jeans 

Patricia C. Jan 4 2018 

I received my order yesterday, and I am very satisfied with the products ordered, as always excellent qualities, the t-shirts on the films it is really a good idea and especially the speed of delivery. I wish you a long life, otherwise I don't know where I will buy my trousers

Laurent C March 17 2017 

I just received the FÉLIS ANTHRACITE CHINÉ trousers for my son.

Indeed very good quality and comfortable. (...) Thank you for express delivery and quality.

Joel M. Sep 7 2017 

My opinion on the Frog Châtaigne: Great! Cut more slim than the others, the pockets are very practical Fabric and color very well!

Thicker material than the others, therefore perfect for the season In short I love it, I find it more "modern" than the others. For me who is 18 years old, I really appreciate it because it is more slim.

Julien Z. Nov 7 2017 

My son only wears trousers from the cub brand. His uncle, also very tall, and after trying on his nephew's trousers, would like to place an order.

Florence G. March 6, 2019 

Thank you for your site and your great products. I quickly received the last order. I am delighted with the products received.

Fabien D. Nov 27 2018 

I would like to contact you to thank you first of all, for the products you make, it is quite a challenge for me to find trousers that can fit me. I am tall and thin, the trousers are always too short in terms of the length of the legs ... The salespeople try to convince me to hem ... if it's so that the trousers go up above the knee, you might as well take shorts.

Cédric M. Jan 12 2018 

I am very satisfied with the trousers I bought recently. It holds me pretty well on the belt without tightening too much. On occasion I will have to try 29/38 in the store to be sure.

Vincent C. Jan 29 2019 

let me tell you how cool it is to have - finally - a brand for great purposes! And stylish too.

Thierry M. May 21, 2017

The frog has arrived. It is the size that fits well. Thank you and see you soon for a next order (nicely accompanied by a personalized word) 

Lionnel B. Feb 24 2020 

I'm really happy because I know I'm going to make someone happy, my friend spotted this Skynet Terminator T-shirt in a show last Sunday on Game One.

Marie D. Apr 5 2017 

All well received, with super fast delivery. And above all the trousers fit perfectly (but really per-fect-ly !!!), which is quite incredible… The “Uomo” is delighted, objective achieved. Thank you so much for your attention, your assistance and your kindness.

Marie-Béatrice L.C.M. Apr 1 2017 

I received the second order last week, the delivery went normally.  By the way thank you for the chocolates ;-) 

Gaby D. Feb. 5 2020 

I follow the reception of the jeans and t-shirt. Thank you very much for the advice. It suits me perfectly in both the size and the quality of the product 

Ludovic B. March 7, 2017

 I have received my package today. Again, thank you for having taken care of its good routing.

Jean Louis L. Jan 26, 2020

I received my order yesterday, and I am very satisfied with the products ordered, as always excellent qualities, the t-shirts are great, excellent qualities of the trousers, the t-shirts on the films it is really a good idea and especially the quick delivery. Here I wish you a long time, otherwise I do not know where I will buy my trousers 

Laurent C. March 17, 2017

“The 3 pairs of trousers I received are perfect! Nice material, perfect size and length of top!!”

Carole B. Nov 17, 2015

“Thank you for your quick response. I am very happy with the trousers. I'd be delighted to recommend you to my friends. Well done and thank you.”

Salim S. Dec 14, 2015

“Thank you for your quick response and professionalism, which are increasingly rare.”

Eric H. Dec 22, 2015

“I received my jeans today, great job! At last some jeans for tall, thin people that don't have a straight or baggy cut, thank you!!!!!”

Jerome W. Feb 10, 2015

“Thanks again for a great job: it's no longer such hard work finding something to wear! I'm over 2 metres tall.... :-)”

Pierrik B. Sep 10, 2015

“Absolutely perfect. Everything is just right: the fabric, the cut, the comfortable t, the style. Congratulations! I'll be buying more from you and recommending CubJeans to my friends. I'm very satisfied!”

Bertrand L. Jan 14, 2015

“I'm glad I ordered some trousers for my son as I was desperate to find some in his size. They suit him to a tee. (...) Also received in good time, delivered to Guadeloupe.”

Chantal P. Jul 4, 2015

“Thank you for your efficiency and service”

 Pierre P. May 29, 2015

“I wanted to tell you that since wearing your jeans I've always been pleasantly surprised by their quality and the fact that they exist, because I have to say I'd been looking for some extra-long jeans for a long time. I've been using your products now for over a year, and in that time I've always been happy with them. It's a great pleasure to find jeans that t me and make me feel good and I wanted to say a big thank you! I hope you will produce some new designs that are equally exceptional and I wish you all the best for the future.”

Scander T. Mar 8, 2015

“Thank you for your quick response and your very professional after-sales service. These jeans are perfect”

Benoit D. Jun 18, 2015

“Order received, the jeans are first class. Congratulations on your efficiency!”

Mme B. Jan 4, 2015

“The super-fast delivery and the little personalised card make me feel like one of your privileged customers. You have created a relationship that doesn't usually exist between customer and website, and that is rarely found in shops. I will recommend you to my friends. ”

Tony F. Oct 11, 2014

“Very satisfied with my 1st pair of Cubjeans. Even if it does make me feel strange wearing jeans with such long legs. I'm not used to it. Thank you for existing.”

M. R. Mar 19, 2014

“thank you very much! These days it's hard to find a company that interacts so well with its customers!”

Matthias Mar 23, 2015

“I have received the jeans. They are truly fantastic. Thank you for the quality of your service.”

Benoit K. Mar 13, 2014

“everything ok, I immediately 'jumped' into one of them……. PERFECT”

Dominique T. Nov 3, 2014

“Thank you for your quick response and your professionalism!!”

Benjamin V. Feb 22, 2015

“It's not easy for my son to find clothes his size as he is 1.98m (feet 6' 6") tall and weighs 75kg (165 lb). I will certainly use your website again.”

Annie F. Oct 31, 2014

“Thank you for the refund and for your excellent customer service. I will keep an eye on your website and will certainly be placing more orders in future.”

Chakib H. Oct 31, 2013

“You are fast and tuned in, I hope that your brand continues to grow and provide more choice at the same quality…I'll definitely spread the word among my friends!”

Malik B. Dec 22, 2014

“Thank you for your professionalism. I will come back to you to make further purchases and spread the word among my long-legged friends!”

Jean-Michel G.L. Oct 21, 2013

“The jeans t me very well, as if they were made just for me :-), long enough (…) very difficult to find in the usual shops.”

Eloy F. Jul 26, 2013

“The jeans were delivered yesterday, they are perfect.”

David V. Nov 7, 2013

“many thanks for the pizza-style delivery. BRILLIANT!”

Carl R. Oct 7, 2013 

"The products are of good quality, thank you”

Sylvain R. Jun 18, 2013

“The jeans fit me very well and I'll always wear them”

Nicolas G. May 30, 2013

“I am 1m 97 tall and weigh 100 kilos.... I just wanted to wish you good luck with your business, and to congratulate you on your funny slogans and for the idea behind your products, valuing and taking account of a class of consumer who is out of the ordinary...”

Kevin P. Mar 15, 2013

“I love your jeans and I'm a hyper-masculine girl with a bad boy side.”

Helene M. Mar 13, 2013

“I have received the parcel and we're happy with it. I wanted to thank you for your kindness, it's rare and deserves emphasizing. You can count on me for further orders in future.”

François-Robin P. Dec 7, 2013

“the style suits me very well…Once again, thank you for your attention.”

Corentin LG. Jun 15, 2013

“First of all congratulations, fast delivery and products which met my expectations: comfortable and masculine.”

Olivier M. Dec 13, 2012

“I have received the parcel! Super-fast. The underpants fit me perfectly! Just like the jeans, I'm delighted.”

Niko S. Mar 11, 2012 

“the jeans are great. Until next time.”

Alain C. Sep 20, 2012

“Thank you for your quick response! The first pair of jeans I bought was great. Perfect size, nice material, excellent.”

Emmanuelle D. Apr 7, 2012

“Being tall and thin, I'm a fan of your website and “Parcel received today. Items once again up to my your superb jeans. I really hope the range of colours expectations. Excellent quality.” continues to increase (when I look at the beautiful Bleu France jeans, I dream of cubjeans in white, red, yellow etc.) ”

Olivier M. Oct 18, 2013

“Since I bought a pair of CUBs, I can't live without them!!!”

Thomas V. Apr 30, 2015 

“Now I'm going to look for some chinos for the  summer....! Thanks again for a great job: it's no longer such hard work finding something to wear! I'm over 2 metres tall.... :-)”

Pascal VM Dec 19, 2014 

“Thank you for the delivery, an excellent product and the right size...”

Tanguy J. Dec 9, 2013

“Thanks again, I'll have no hesitation in recommending you to others” “At last a pair of jeans for my son that fits him, in fashion and in record time”

Sylvain L. Mar 4, 2015

“I have just received the slate-coloured jeans and I have to say they are fabulous. Thank you also for the quick delivery and for all your advice, don't change anything, you're brilliant.”

Alban B. Feb 4, 2015 

“I have just received my jeans. Truly awesome!!!!!!”

Mustafa S. Sep 12, 2014"