The origins :

The cloth used by the forerunners was the "burat de Nîmes", a fabric made from cotton waste in Nîmes as well as in northern Italy and especially in Genova. The name jeans is a contracted version of the word "genovese" meaning "Genoese", the name used for the trousers worn by Genoese sailors. Later, the indigo-coloured "serge de Nîmes" (the origin of the name denim) was imported. In the 19th century, jeans made of cotton twill with warp and weft threads of the same colour were generally used as work clothes. Denim (made of twill with blue warp threads and ecru weft threads) was particularly appreciated by mechanics for its highly resistant qualities

The technical part:

Denim is a tangle of indigo and ecru threads. On a loom, the indigo threads will be the warp threads (vertical) and the unbleached cotton threads the warp. Everything then is a story of weaving… looking at the inside of jeans, it is even more visible: - oblique linear weaving (authentic, right hand / left hand twill) - alternating weaving right / left (broken twill) which maintains the cut of the canvas 

The edge of each of the rolls of woven jeans is covered with a thread of contrasting color (historically red). It is this same edge that some purists look for on their selvedge jeans.

CUBjeans fabrics:

All of our trousers are cut from high-end materials. The denims and fabrics used by the CUBjeans brand have been selected for their quality, modernity, appearance, color and comfort (2% stretch which provides optimal fit while having the look of 100% jeans cotton).

CUBjeans colors and washes:

If the weaving of CUB jeans remains of the twill type, the colors of threads used can be different and bring a completely different physiognomy to the jeans. Likewise, CUB stylists can intervene on fabrics by subjecting them to: 

  • an over-dyeing (the whole of the jeans is immersed in a bath of color) 
  • an internal scraping (only the reverse of the jeans will have the chosen color), 
  • application of a resin on the outside of the jeans (slightly shiny layer which will fade over time, but which protects the color of the jeans while giving it a more dressy look)

raw denim

By raw denim we mean a canvas denim weave (twill), which has not undergone any washing capable of lightening its color. They are perfect when looking for classy jeans to work on the offices for example.

However, CUB jeans are all washed well (household washing) once before you try them, so that the inherent withdrawal in washing is controlled and thus guarantee you an optimal fitting 

denim gris foncé

A dark shaded stretch denim. A nice alternative to dark blue raw denim. The fabric is stitched with a charcoal thread for more elegance.

Stretch denim fabric, woven with ecru and indigo thread. This jeans has a light treatment which ensures a good resistance of the colour. Honey-coloured stitched fabric for an authentic look.

A stretch denim with a very authentic look (indigo blue, tobacco coloured stitching). A basic that everyone wants to have in their dressing room.

A very elegant stretch denim, in a blue colour enhanced by a navy blue overdye. The stitching is also navy blue. For the work environment, it is really ideal.

Vintage effect denims

The term vintage is linked to the worn-in effect of the jeans. It's as if you've pulled out your favourite jeans that have been with you for years. At CUB, these washes are as labour and environment friendly as possible.

Jeans with a vintage effect are very suitable for a casual evening out, unless you want to play it "Italian", combining it with a beautiful pair of polished leather shoes, a sober but chic jacket, and a well-fitted t-shirt.

jean gris clair, effet vintage

A light shaded denim with a vintage sandstone wash. An interesting visual effect that underlines the stitching and construction details of the 5 pockets. The charcoal grey stitching thread plays with the codes of authentic jeans, in a revisited version.

toile Denis bleu jeans délavé

The light blue jeans that everyone has in mind when they think of the 70's. This colour is of course perfect for warm days and casual moments.

Flex denim

A material with the appearance of authentic jeans, but with a comfort made exceptional by its very particular a sweat shirt...a jogging comfort, a jeans look. 

coupe jean homme grand dans une toile ultra flex de couleur brique

The Flex material has been a favourite with CUB customers for three seasons now. Let yourself be tempted by this terracotta/brick colour, which is just right for autumn.

CUB has selected its flex material in a black version. You get black trousers, slightly satin, that are as comfortable at work as they are in a more relaxed evening.

jean en jambe extra longue de couleur gris foncé dans la matière ultra flex

The alternative to black or navy trousers is certainly charcoal grey. They are available in an ultra-modern and comfortable flex version, in a jeans cut.

jean coupe fuselée homme grande longueur, couleur happy

Life is too short to dress formally every day. In the ultra trendy flex material, CUB also offers you more fashionable colours, like this honey yellow / ochre

Corduroy fabrics

Corduroy is the result of a special weave that joins two layers. The ribs of corduroy are the space between two warps, which creates the typical texture of corduroy.

The orientation of these pile patterns changes the way light is reflected from the fabric, which is why the colour of a corduroy can be seen lighter or darker from different angles.

There are thin ribs and wide ribs in corduroy. 

jean grande longueur de jambe en matière velours stretch

Corduroy is a material with a noble character, which can also afford to be fancy and colourful. To be combined with more sober tops.

matière velours dans une coupe jean pour homme, couleur gris

Corduroy lends itself easily to the traditional colour scheme. Charcoal grey is an obvious choice for this type of material.

The stretch fabrics

Natural cotton twill, dyed in the mass, for a powerful and persistent colour. For an even more pleasant touch, the fabric has been given an emery finish which gives it a slight peach skin appearance.

pantalon vert de la marque CUBjeans pour homme très grand

A good alternative for those who are looking for a pair of trousers that go with the flow but are not the usual ones.

pantalon homme grand couleur beige clair

A very light beige colour that is easy to wear and combine. That's certainly why it's an essential basic.  

pantalon homme extra long couleur gris bleu

Another great alternative to the navy blue trousers, but one that will go with your existing wardrobe.

pantalon homme grand couleur gris anthracite

An essential basic. The charcoal grey colour is certainly the colour that can be as formal as you like or more casual / relaxed.  

Extensible linen

A mixture of linen, cotton and a little stretch, a material that is absolutely desirable for the warmer seasons. Natural, elegant and efficient

In the sand version, an extra tall, all-purpose classic, very yachting.

Navy colour that will match all your clothes. A breathable and natural material and an optimal comfort thanks to an elasticated back belt. Can you already see yourself on the marina?