Everyone rightly considers themselves unique, and is looking for rewarding clothes, their favorite jeans must be up to par. Jeans, timeless and adaptable to all styles, is one of man's favorite pieces.

To offer the jeans that men dream of, the designers of CUB set out to perfect the ultimate cut for a rewarding denim, not too tight at the thighs, and above all not too narrow at the calves.

Always in stretch elastane denim to ensure suppleness and a soft touch but which will age exactly like an authentic 100% cotton.

Once the success of his jeans has been confirmed, CUB has developed a chino version to satisfy a more casual look, while respecting the same cut. More recently, the brand has succeeded in offering trousers that combine the very formal aspect of flannel with the ultimate comfort of viscose and the modernity of easy-care.

The specialist brand of jeans applies to dressing these gentlemen without ever forgetting any of them. "Dressing well when you exceed standards has always been a major challenge," quips Franck Vercauteren, creator of the brand, himself discriminated against because of his 95 meter.

With this in mind, each season, the creators of CUB jeans design collections that are always well calibrated. It is certainly no coincidence that since 2011, CUB has been the French brand of jeans acclaimed by tall men in France.     

The creators of CUB

Franck Vercauteren and Antoine Roy, passionate about denim for more than 20 years, have launched themselves since 2011 the challenge of creating the perfect jeans for the CUB brand. Located in the 10ème arrondissement, a stone's throw from the Canal Saint-Martin and the Republic, the CUB concept store offers a universe of French fashion and lifestyle brands in which all men are showcased; shirts, shoes, aprons, accessories, plants etc., for those who think that fashion is not a story of age and who claim the freedom to discover basics as much as unique pieces, around a "Parisian" selection.


Antoine ROY

Founders of the Bureau Indigo style cabinet, Franck Vercauteren and Antoine Roy, aware of ecological issues, already favored for their CUB brand, denim not washed or washed with clean methods. They are now looking into local productions and jeans upcycling. 

Product philosophy CUB

CUBjeans is committed to producing ethically made clothes by working with factories which respect the working conditions and health of their employees.

CUBjeans subjects its products to a minimum number of treatments and uses recycled water to limit the ecological impact on the planet.

The CUBjeans design office is based in Paris and strives to produce the best mens stretch jeans on the market through its range of styles and high-end features.

CUBjeans products are timeless with seasonal reinterpretations.