Who hasn't dreamed to wear their favorite jeans over and over again? It is now possible in Paris (France), in the quartier of Saint Martin-Château d'eau.

We are talking about a real craft work and a repair as discreet as possible. A consumer who wishes to have his jeans repaired can drop it off at the Concept Store CUB and collect it within a few days. 

It is quite exceptional to bring together ecology, economy, social responsibility and environmental commitment, a great revenge on the carbon footprint. Indeed, producing jeans is very greedy in water, more than 10,000 liters of water according to WWF (cotton cultivation and washing operations included). Between the origins of the constituent elements and the different manipulations involved in weaving and dyeing before assembly operations, classic brand jeans can go around the earth more than once!

Hole repair between legs

6 hours • 

reconstruction of the hole area, joining of the hole areas and interior reinforcement with denim patch.

25 €

Transformation into shorts / Bermuda shorts

2 hours • 

put to the length you want (above, below the knee) with a turn up or not.

10 €

Denim wear repair

2 hours • 

holes in the knees, various snags (the repair will be as resistant and as discreet as possible but may result in visible excess thickness)

15 €

Replacement of a passer-by / belt loop 

48 hours • 

creation of a passer-by / belt loop at most close to the original, repair of the tear-off hole and fitting of the new passer-by / belt loop. 

20 €

ZIP replacement

3 hours • 

disassembly of the jeans or trousers fly and replacement at most similar with an available zip slide.

20 €

"Jeans" button installation

1 hour • 

choose from the metal buttons available at the Concept Store CUB

7 €

Jeans re-dyeing

72 hours • 

complete dyeing in black or navy (dark colors better cover material differences). Please note, the color only takes on natural materials (not polyester), the result may slightly lack uniformity)

15 €

in pictures: the steps to repair a hole in the leglength

If the trousers are not repairable, the customer can also entrust it to CUB stylists so that they can upgrade it in a bag, denim cushion or even in dressing plant pots; all labeled "made in Paris".