L32 slim terracotta (Brique)

Brick-Red Colour

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An alternative to the trouser cut thanks to these 5 pockets in brick red. These trousers can be worn very classically or more trendy according to your taste.

The flex material used has been acclaimed for its quality and comfort by CUB customers for 3 seasons already. 

fabric :

You already know the classic denim fabric, woven with an indigo thread in weft and an ecru thread in warp. There is even more comfortable than this kind of denim: a knitted material (like a polo shirt), which moreover, associated with elastane to keep its shape after extension. These trousers were then dyed in brick colour. This process guarantees a colour right to the heart of the fibre. The denim has been stitched with a tone-on-tone thread for sobriety. 

 To wear with :

This brick colour may seem difficult to match, but it's not. In addition to black and white, it will go perfectly with sky blue, light grey, navy or khaki tops. 

fitting :

This model is very fitted, it can be worn close to the body, thanks to the material which is very flexible. If you want to wear it more casual, you can take half a size above your Alex jeans size.

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