pack 2x L38 Navy + Black trousers

Straight Fit

US size
Length US
CUB Flagship (Paris) 2 days (in France, + 5 worldwide)
Relay - Pick up point 3 days (in France, +5 worldwide)
At your place 3 days (in France, +5 worldwide)
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Victor Chino Trousers Set of 2 - Comfort and Elegance Combined. 

Discover our exclusive set of two Victor Chino Trousers by CUB. Combining optimum comfort with refined style, these trousers are perfect for any occasion. The smart waistband with built-in elastic ensures absolute comfort, while the straight fit and practical pockets add a touch of elegance to your outfit.

Whether it's a day at the office, a casual evening out with friends or an elegant evening in, these versatile trousers offer you a multitude of looks. Combine the black trousers with a white shirt for a classic, professional look, or opt for the navy trousers with a polo shirt for a more casual style. With these two options, you're ready for any situation, with comfort and elegance guaranteed.

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